Data-processing management of marine insurance
Data-processing management of marine insurance


The dedicated Marine Insurance Software

MARITIME SYSTEMS presents MARSYS , the dedicated software for marine insurance professionals (brokers, agents and companies).

MARSYS operates under a LAN/Windows environment.


MARSYS software is the result of an in depth analysis of a number of data systems of various insurance companies which cover the whole spectrum of the marine branch. From this MERISE data analysis, the conceptors established a model combining the data and organisation process involved in Marine Insurance.

Optimised to operate under a LAN system, MARSYS operates in its basic version with the « Interbase » database, Marsys can also operate under a Microsoft SQL Server environment. We can also propose Marsys in other DBMS versions (Oracle,DB2…) with a few changes of code with no cost to the customer.

MARITIME SYSTEMS is a small sized company with over ten years experience in marine insurance computing.

The office is based in a technical centre in Biarritz (southwest France), where it benefits from the latest technology, the proximity of other computing companies, an engineering school and an industrial technological transfer centre.

MARITIME SYSTEMS has ten clients (marine insurance specialists) who are equipped with MARSYS software and who use it on a daily basis.

We install the software and provide set-up, training and maintenance services.
Marsys has a very detailed printed support and permanent on-line help facilities.

The main features are :
  • Policy management :
  • Creation, Edition, Consulting of Policies and Endorsements which includes coinsurance, reinsurance, cover and insurance conditions.

  • Data management :
  • All the identified parties of policies and losses are registered in Marsys with their addresses and status. Marsys is supplied with a simplified version of an office allowing mailing to prospects or any other third party.

  • Insurance requests and premiums
  • Creation and management of insurance requests, issuing of annual and on-account premiums directly from the policy .
    Management of outstanding premium payments, client follow-up and assureds’ insurance requests via the internet site .

  • Management of claims and recoveries :
  • Possibility to input all the data necessary for a claims file and to edit the different types of claims documents (dispatches, advices of loss, recovery requests………). Research from a number of criteria can be made for analysis purposes..

  • Brokerage and commissions :
  • Paid and receivables can be calculated at different levels and at different rates (by category of risk, by broker or by company and by policy).

  • Accounts :
  • Allows to input the payments made and received and to close corresponding premiums and losses. The accounts data can be transfered to an appropriate general accounts system software.

  • Automatic agency integration facility :
  • Part of the software specifically designed for insurance companies to directly integrate into MARSYS without manual intervention the data received from agents and delegated brokers.

  • Statistics :
  • Visualisation and edition of statistics by policy, by assured, by broker and by company, etc…

  • Bordereaux :
  • Premium and loss advice bordereaux, closings, unpaid amounts and outstanding losses .
    Policy agenda, detailed policy portfolio with or without statistics .
    All the bordereaux are available in either PDF or EDI formats.

MARSYS and Internet

Parallel to MARSYS Software , our clients benefit from a secure Internet link, offering all the Marsys programmes available from any computer connected to the net. These applications are available to staff as well as the assureds and brokers alike.

It is possible for a user with a user name identification and password to make insurance requests on open policies or even to consult the statistics and loss files of any given policy.

Non-Marine Marsys

Recently, Marsys software has been enriched with a non-marine version, which can manage risks such as , industrial fire, professionnal liability, house-holder policies and more.

This non-marine MARSYS is being installed in an insurance company but has also been designed to be used in the brokerage field too.

The software is user friendly and reliable, and benefits from the same analysis tools and reporting methods that have been developed for the marine application but completely adapted to a non-marine environment.

The premiums are automatically generated from the Indices FFB, RI, BDM, which are some of the official french statistical data supports. They can of course be replaced by the relevant data index in the country of use.

Products can be defined with a large number of facultative or obligatory risks, such as NatCat, Gareat, (french war risk pool), different taxes including territorial taxation, which are all automatically managed.

MARSYS and Optiflux

Since January 2004, an electronic data information system between the marine insurance actors, companies, brokers and agents under the control of the French Cesam insurance bureau has seen the light.

The information exchange platform (BDI) is available on the Optiflux web site: Optiflux.

We also know how to generate Optiflux files and have developed the appropriate software to automatically deal with the integration of Optiflux files with our client companies.

We are at present working on a dedicated data base to enable brokers and marine underwriting agents to follow the exchanges and consult the corresponding Optiflux files,


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